Adobe Softwares

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Authorise Adobe Partner for Reseller Program of Bangladesh & Sri Lanka. You can proceed with any kind of Adobe Software requirements and we are happy to serve you. Contact us for any requirements.

Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe Systems Incorporated is an American multinational computer software company. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, United States. Adobe has historically focused upon the creation of multimedia and creativity software products, with a more recent foray towards rich Internet application software development. It is best known for Photoshop, an image editing software, Acrobat Reader, the Portable Document Format (PDF) and Adobe Creative Suite, as well as its successor Adobe Creative Cloud.


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Authorise Malwarebyte partner for Sri Lanka & Bangladesh first time. To enhance the security & Cyber attack Malwarebyte will play key role rather than Anti Virus Softwares. You can contact us for total solution for Malwarebyte to protect your environment.


Malwarebytes is an American Internet security company, based in Santa Clara, California. It specializes in protecting home computers, smartphones, and companies.

Several of Malwarebytes's products have become well known in the computer world. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is available in two different versions, one for free download for home computers, and the other a professional version, with a 14-day free trial in advance. Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit uses exploit mitigation to protect vulnerable programs from attack. Endpoint Security, an advanced anti-ransomware technology package, was unveiled in January 2016.

SSL Certificates

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We are authorise for many SSL Certificate like VeriSign, Entrust, Odigicert, Thawte, GeoTrust, COMODO, RapidSSL & ect to sell over Sri Lanka & Bangladesh. To secure your domain, Implementations & any other requirements please contact us.

SSL Certificates

Certificates are an important component of Transport Layer Security (TLS, sometimes called by its older name SSL, Secure Sockets Layer), where they prevent an attacker from impersonating a secure website or other server. They are also used in other important applications, such as email encryption and code signing.

Hotel management system

Agile approach

Developed to make the operations and the management of the hotel easier, it is less complicated benefiting to obtain hotel management and operation reports and also referred as the property management system.

This hotel management system consists of

Front office: ability in checking the room status, phone extension operations, billing history of guests, check in - check out procedures, identification system of guests, mini-bar, currency exchange rate system, cashier reports, discount statements, nationality reports, business materialization reports, special rate letters, room statistics and performance reports.

House keeping: all house keeping activities such as room service and room service history, laundry handling, bills, linen register of hotel and bill registers are being tracked by this system.

Reservations: it shows the room availability status, booking of rooms and events, arrival list, booking chart and confirmation letters.. this helps for quick reservations to make it easy for the guests and to the hotel

Accounts: to check and obtain the annual deficit reports, sales audit, debtor bills, credit card,cash and cheque receipts, bill forwarding, payment receipt vouchers, cash and bank book and register, TPL, balance sheet, debtors, creditors outstanding statements, day book ledgers and reports. This feature will lead in seeing the financial situation of the hotel .

Hotel point of sales: occupied sales, session sales, bill settling, sales summary and production reports, cover statement, menu item wise sales, bill wise sales.

Our program is very user friendly and consists of all units, prices and therefore no any additional charges will take place when doing final billing for guests.

Human resource management

Agile approach

Helping the efficiency of the organization, it is the HR system that decides the future of the organization, and we give you that system which makes the HR process easier... Maintaining privacy policies of the company this system is only accessible to the HR department.

Main functions of the software are

Payroll process: transferring the staff attendance to the automated salary process

Loan management: helping to evaluate salary of staff if any has obtained company loans or salary advance.

Time and attendance: the fingerprint systems especially designed to mark in and out time helping salary calculations.

Leave and overtime management: estimating the number of leaves taken by staff and the total overtime hours worked, this is also transferred to the automatic system where salary estimations are done .

Staff recruitment: short listing procedures of applicants.

Skill management system: Q&A systems to understand the IQ knowledge of new applicants and existing employees.

Staff recruitment: short listing procedures of applicants .

The system also contains

The company profile

Maintenance of files for different branches, locations and reports in detail of the overall company. ( Master-file - is used to keep in records of the above mentioned)

Maintaining detailed records of employees individually( contains in master-file).

Allocation of seminars.

Memorandum record.

Team meetings and information.

Records of employee skills to identify their strengths in each sector and transfer and promotion details

Maintaining details of recruitment process.

Our HR system does the tracing of all staff functions and if any new feature is required we are ready to create it in the software.

Hospital management system

Agile approach

Technological advancement in the healthcare sectors has increased the establishments of hospitals in small and large scale, we are here to make the management and operational activities easier with our hospital management.All rates and charges for the service are made according to the company policy and separately provides information on the patients who took the service.

Our system contains

Patient and medical management: A ID that is used to track patient visits and all medical records (intake, outtake, medication and readings)

OPD Management: covering all services of the OPD from reception to detail billing on consultation and other services the patient has obtained (e.g.: x-rays, ultrasound scans).

IPD Management: acts as an online reception desk and makes booking easier.

Discharge summaries: all information on the patients and services given to him/her while all laboratory data can be imported.

Consultant management: tracing consultant share of OPD and interior procedures.

Store management: maintaining purchase orders with delivery due dates & MRN issue slips.

SLaboratory management: all laboratory testing information can be recorded.

Radiology management: when patients request for radiology services from the reception, this information is automatically sent to the radiology department.

Pharmacy management: the overall management of the pharmacy can be done and also it creates access for main billing.

TPA (panels): ability in selling pre admission forms of different TPA after the admission.

Reception management: availability of specialized doctors and their schedules which makes it easier to all departments and to patients.

MRD & MIS reports: including the history of all patients the MRD report helps to do an analysis and keep track on ICD numbers/ bed days per consultant and other MRD records while the MIS provides the key reports to the management.

Payroll and accounts management: the total salary process can be done and all final accounts will be prepared by directly importing from OPD & IPD departments while cash and credit purchases and sales, expenses and income, all financial transactions can be recorded here.

Accounting system

Agile approach

This system, covers the advantages of accounting and manages financial records including inventory, voucher entries and customer vendor billing details. This financial accounting system is a complete business management solution.

Containing the below features it is one whole system of efficiency

Created to work in all business operations commencing from sales to manufacturing

Giving the space to do planning by providing customer satisfaction and enhancement

Has the ability to get access to vital information and get knowledge on all business operations.

Giving a clear division for each transaction and data can be entered in various ways which makes the work easier.

Handling huge amount of transactions this system adopts easily to the currents needs of the business.

Maintaining the privacy policies this system makes sure to secure the data from threats.

This system enhances the features of accounting inventory, statutory process and reporting, payroll and advancing security system creating quick access and proceed with future business operations.


- Accuracy and speed

- Low package cost

- generating standard reports automatically

- increase revenue and lowering operation costs